Election’s Eve III — Reflective Waters

O Lord, I know it’s only an election Not worthy of such woe and trepidation, For see I after further calm reflection It may not sway so strongly the direction Of where my home is heading as a nation Perhaps accepting soon a course correction. Yet even if it’s sailing straight toward rocks To splinter … Read moreElection’s Eve III — Reflective Waters

Election’s Eve II – What Should I Ask?

O Lord, I do not know what I should ask. For issues this immense what’s my request? I gaze on oceanic throes and gasp — I scarcely comprehend a thing so vast. The interlocking machinating wills Of men and women clashing in great halls On television, voices sharp and shrill — The sea of foaming … Read moreElection’s Eve II – What Should I Ask?

Election’s Eve I — A Confession

O Lord, I must confess I’m terrified To see what our election day will yield. With trepidation I am petrified; To face what fate befalls my joints are steeled. My God, my king, where will this vessel head? What ocean dark and deep? What wild shore? What strait of jagged rock and whirpool dread? Get further … Read moreElection’s Eve I — A Confession

Mission to Kyiv: Update 1 – Arrival, First Week, & Teacher Orientation

Hey Folks!

It looks like it has been exactly two weeks since I have last updated you on my mission to Kyiv; on some scales, that is not a lot of time, but much has happened in that short amount of time!  So here goes. I will do my best to be concise.

(Pictured above is the outside door that leads to my apartment.)

On Monday, August 8th (wow, was that last week?) my parents drove me to JFK airport in New York City.

Read moreMission to Kyiv: Update 1 – Arrival, First Week, & Teacher Orientation

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