Our Refuge through the Tumult (Psalm 46:1-7)

Our Refuge through the Tumult (Psalm 46:1-7)

God is our refuge strong in whom we stay,

In Him our help and savior ever here;

Therefore, though earth beneath our feet gives way

And mountains crumble we will never fear.

Though Everest into the sea should leap,

Though continents at their foundations shake,

Though oceans roar and foam out of the deep,

Before the Lord alone our hearts will quake.

There is a river clear whose streams of life

Make glad the city of our God, Most High;

God dwells in her – she is unmoved by strife –

God moves with us when crimson dawns the sky.

The nations roar and totter in their rage;

Our Refuge strong remains ’til ends the age.


Photo: By NOAA/NASA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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