Spider-man: Homecoming and Character Decision Making

The writer’s axiom “show don’t tell” I have known for as long as I can recall and for perhaps as long I have wrestled whether consciously or not with the validity of this principle rule of writing. In its simplest and most unimpeachable form, it is the idea that a writer should never have the … Read moreSpider-man: Homecoming and Character Decision Making

Reflection/Update: The Student-Inspired Story

Near the start of this year, for the start of the second semester, I had the privilege of teaching my eight grade students a unit on “Crime and Mystery,” which included a couple of Sherlock Holmes stories (“The Adventure of the Speckled Band” and “The Red-headed League”), a couple Miss Marple stories from The Thirteen Problems, … Read moreReflection/Update: The Student-Inspired Story